The evolution of toys

proposal of coding cube

First of all, thank you for your concerning regarding coding cube. we would like to introduce the amazing tool for education of computer programming briefly. Recently, the area of education has been rapidly changed. As you know, the words from president of the United States about the importance of early education on programming was well known to many people. The coding cube is not only simple but also smart tool. Using the direct interface of fabrication for block, children can enjoy and learn programming logic naturally. The key values of our product can be noted as followings.


The children more than 40 months can handle this product easily.


Adding the new event block allows the robot to act as various way.


The children can feel the satisfactory and fun through the fabrication of this product.


The coding cube delivers the real programming world naturally.



The company was newly founded as start-up in Korea and applying for an international patent of coding cube.
Now, we are looking for the business partner or patron of this amazing project.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more detailed information regarding the investment or product.